Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa is Coming and he's got a tree!

We are finally putting up our tree tonight.  It's huge!  My wonderful son Todd went out and picked out our tree this year. He is wonderful in every way.  He is not perfect but he's very close.  However, Todd got us a noble fir that is 14 feet tall.  My ceiling is 12 feet tall.  So, we will be doing a bit of cutting and maneuvering at our house.  If we can get it in the house.  Stay tuned I will give updates as the holiday continues.

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  1. Hi there Melissa - Still no tree up here . . . yet. I still have hope though. Ameren UE trimmed the top of a Scotch pine that I planted 22 years ago. Planning to use it for our Christmas tree (with a story) this year. Merry Christmas.