Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Getting back to Work

Well, it's been a busy time in my life.  But.......it's time to get back to my artwork.  Truthfully, I have been working on things.   Creating artwork or illustrations is like therapy to me.  So, I am thankful to have my art to turn too.

Today, this happy girl showed up.  I don't know who she is.  But, I like her.
Last week I started a larger piece.  Here is the sketch.  Keep in mind this is really rough.
Then, I needed to figure out the bird, and what he or she was going to look like.   Yet, another sketch.
You can see, my ideas are pretty simple.  But, I think good design is simple.

Next, I started making the cat.  So, fun to make.
While the glue was drying, I painted the background in watercolor and tossed some salt around, just for fun.  Then I made all the flowers and leaves.
Here is the finished product.  Soon to be framed and hanging at the gallery.  (Gallery Calapooia in Albany, OR)
I know, it's very bright.  Lets just say, I need to have some fun.
Thanks for stopping by.

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