Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Book Store

Like most of you, I love a book store.  I really do.  I can spend hours looking at books and I also spend a good deal of money on books.  I can't help it.  At least that's what I tell my husband.  Anyway this is a little illustration I did (very fast) of a local bookstore. Hope everyone is well and happy. Take care.


  1. Girl step right into the confusion booth! Oh my goodness when you get there I will be on the other side!!! LOL! Yes indeed I know the feeling Girlfriend. Melissa, I am in the middle of a major relocation and I am still look for books. WHY??? I love them so much. I love books. I have tons of vintage children's books. Yes the ones with the fantastic pictures and delicious artwork. I have tons of old Humpty Dumpty Magazines that look through for inspiration all the time. A bookstore is to me what a bar is to an old drunk. They all know my name and when I've had a little to much they call a car to take me home he he he he he!
    Thanks so much for you kind words. I can't wait for you to see "Magic Trash". I will keep you posted.

  2. This is such a sweet illustration. I too love bookstores and books. To me each book has it's own character and personality. Books are so precious and comforting to hold and read.

  3. Me too, Melissa!!! I can't leave a bookstore without purchasing something! It's an addiction!
    A good one!

    Really cute painting! Only two things missing: you and me going inside! ;-)

    Hugs, Diane