Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Fooling Around

Well, I've been sketching and fooling around with Photoshop.  These are some of the drawings I came up with.  Keep in mind that these were drawn very fast, mostly because I can't wait to finish something and also because I kind of like that spontaneous  feeling in a drawing.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend.  It's raining like cats and dogs here so I'll be indoors all weekend.  Oh, can you tell I live with a little corgi dog?  Lois thinks she is an excellent model. I tend to agree.


  1. I love these, Melissa, especially the gal in the top picture. Love that she seems to be in her nightgown.
    Hugs to you! And....rain, rain, go away! Here too! But guess what's in the forecast here....5" tonight and 5" tomorrow and not rain! THE DREADED WHITE STUFF......AGAIN!!!!
    Isn't it great that we're artists and have so much to do INSIDE!
    Hugs, Diane

  2. There a story in each one of these illustrationI EACH ONE! They are all so delightful and full of whimsy and fun. I would love to see what kinds of stories you have for each of them. Fantastic and delicious!
    Great work.