Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book and Life Update

Well, I have some sad news.  Red Heart Books who is the publisher of Detective Punybutmighty, is closing.  They let us know last week.  I have been letting the news sink in.  So that means the two books I was working on will not happen.  At least not from Red Heart Books.
I was working on a wonderful story by my cousin Robin Morris called Tuti's Hair Cut.  I was so looking forward to that one.  It was going to be done in cut paper.  Also another Detective book was in the works.   Sending out a big thank you to Red Heart Books for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

Oh well.  Onward I go.

Getting ready for a SCBWI Illustration Retreat at Silver Creek Falls in Oregon, coming up in October.  It should be lots of fun.  I always get a little nervous before going to something like this.  But, I guess it's good to push yourself.
Here are a couple new cut paper illustrations.  Not sure if they will go into the new portfolio or not.
I originally did this in watercolor.  So, I thought why not see what it looks like in cut paper.
This design was one of my greeting cards a long time ago.  Now, redone in cut paper.  I guess I'm recycling my ideas. 

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