Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fine Tuning

Here is a wee update on my ongoing portfolio.  I am trying to put together a cut paper portfolio, as I was advised to do about two years ago, when I attended the Advanced Illustration Workshop put on by the Highlights Foundation. 
My process has been slow because of the book projects that came along.  I'm happy for that!  But now, I'm really trying to put this cut paper collection together.  For those of you who don't have a portfolio.  Let me tell you, it's hard.  It is heart wrenching.  I go back and forth.  Taking things out and putting things in.  Gosh, I'm tired.
Anyway, here is the latest addition.  Idea came from a watercolor illustration I had done for my old portfolio.  But, I thought the idea was good so, I made it again, in cut paper. 

This shows a bit of the process.
Working on my sailor boy.  You can see I had another face made and decided to make him look more surprised.  Another hand is sitting off to the left as well, I was not happy with it.  This little guy is about 5 inches tall, as is.
Now, I did the big fish.  I cut out all those scales.  Seems like a lot of work. But it was kind of fun.
Those grey tweezer type things on the right, are just that, they make it easy to pick up the pieces of paper and place them with glue.
Finished product !  I think it's going in the portfolio. 


  1. Hi Melissa. This is awesome. I love this cut paper version of your illustration. What a great exercise seeing a piece in another medium. Do you see the benefits of the advise you received creating a cut paper portfolio?

    1. Thank you Janet. Time will tell. I'm on my way this weekend to an SCBWI illustration retreat. Taking the new portfolio.