Thursday, October 22, 2015

There is a Fairy in the Garden!

One of my favorite things to draw are fairies.  My Mom used to send me outside to look for the fairies when I was little.  I was always sure I would spy one.   So, here is a piece with a little garden fairy flying by to check on the flowers, done in cut paper.

First the sketch.
Next, I did a watercolor background on watercolor paper, of coarse!  My new favorite skill is linocut. So, I made some leaves and stamped them in the background.  Then I start cutting up colored paper and gluing them down.

Here is my hand gluing a flower in place.  These flowers were kind of thick with layers so, I really had to hold them down for awhile.  Just a minute or two.
And the finished illustration!  Notice I changed her back wing.  They are both done with tracing paper now.  Looks better I think.
I hope she is happy in her little garden home.  I sure had fun making it for her.

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