Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rainy Day People

This heading makes me think of that Gordon Lightfoot song of the same title.  Hmmm, funny how things come back to you.  Well, anyway here are my rainy day people.  I like to think they are friends heading off to get a nice coffee or cup of tea together.  Probably lots of new things to discuss.  The rain does not seem to bother these two.
At any rate, this is a new piece I just finished for my art show, going on now.  This is cut paper and it's about 5x7 in size.  All the paper was hand painted by me.  Well, the music was printed paper I found in an antique store and then a little bit of notebook paper in the corner.  Even the paper that has writing on it was made by me.  I used a rubber stamp and stamped the design after paint was applied.
Thank goodness you can't see my studio.  What a mess!

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