Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Thought I would post this purple witch for my Halloween greeting.  I will be gone for a few days to attend the Episcopal Convention in Oregon.  I am a delegate this year.  Really I was signed up to be an alternate but the people who were suppose to attend decided to go on a cruise.  Hmmm.   So, I'm off to Eugene Oregon for a few day of hanging around with some other wacky Episcopalians.  We are a fun bunch, I'll give us that.  Anyway, enjoy the trick or treaters and don't eat too much candy.


  1. Safe Travels. This is such a happy witch...not scary at all. Happy Haunting...

  2. Melissa:) I hope you had a great Halloween!
    also... you are a winner of my little travel mug giveaway.
    Please contact me with your address:)

  3. Hooray I won something! A little travel mug that I love, love, love! Thank you orange you lucky!