Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Chickens

I'm posting a painting of the chickens that live next door to me.  Well, they used to live next door.  I had not seen them in awhile so, I asked my neighbor about them and he said they were too noisy so he gave them away.  Not to worry though, he gave them to some folks out in the country who already have chickens.  I don't really like chickens.  I don't know why, because I like to eat chicken dinners just fine. I just don't like to hang out with chickens and don't want to own or babysit any.  It might be because you can't really tell where a chicken is looking or which way they're going to go.  They do have kind of a wild look in their eyes don't you think?  Well, anyway they are gone but I have a nice little painting to remember them by.
Oh, I almost forgot.  I did in fact survive the Episcopal Convention last weekend.  It was fun and informative and it's over.  Thanks be to God!  Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Ahaha, we both have bird posts! You with your chickens and me with turkey's, that funny. My neighbor (not next door) has a bunch of beautiful chickens that I've been wanting to paint. I've been too chicken to wander into their area though, yes, a wild look.:-)