Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finished Projects

I did it.  I finished some fabric designs and also my little holiday show.  Well, the show goes up Dec. 1.  I'll try and take some photos to show all of you.  Really, I stopped painting holiday art on Sunday evening.  Just couldn't do it anymore.  I love the Christmas season and I thought if I don't stop soon I'm going to be sick of all this fun stuff.  So, I packed up my paint and brushes and put it all away.  Done.  I'm kind of like that, I give myself a deadline and most of the time I stick to it.  Seems to keep me plugging along when I need to.  Here is a peek at the main floral design and a couple more from the fabric I designed.  I hope they like it.  I would really like to have a contract in my hot little hands.  Well, now that I'm kind of caught up with most of my work, maybe I will think about Christmas and what on earth I will get for everyone in my family.  My daughter is pretty easy.  She tells me things she would like.  My son on the other hand.  Jeez, he is hard to buy for.  That sweet little boy is a sweet man now.  But, he won't tell me what he wants.  Oh, well. I'll figure it out.  Have a great week everyone and thanks for all the support.


  1. Hi Melissa - I love "Summer Hill!" Really like these colors. And sending you a big (secret) WAH-HOO for you know what! ;-)

  2. Thanks Janet. It's nice to have things fall into place.