Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Away

I'm hard at work on my portfolio. Yes, I'm still at it.  It never ends for me.  I think I was even dreaming about it last night a little bit.  Well, if you want to call it a dream.  Might have been a nightmare.  I keep rearranging the artwork then I go back and look at it again and think, hmmm maybe not.  Oh, well at some point I'll leave it alone.  As I get older I seem to be more of a worrier.  What's with that?  My children are grown and doing well, I still like my husband at least part of the time. ( Just kidding.) Life is good.  Really, it is.  So, why do I worry about stuff all the time?  I hope I'm not going senile!  Wait, I'm not that old.  Well, I'm kind of old, but in a good way. I'm young at heart! Okay, enough rambling.  Here is a little bunny I think I'll add to the old portfolio.  It's very spring like.  I need a little spring, I'm already tired of winter.  Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Ready

Well, I finally figured out how to order postcards on line.  Lord.  I used to think I was kind of smart but, I'm starting to wonder.  Well, I got it done.  Of coarse it took me awhile to decide which artwork to use on the postcard.  I gave up and let my family choose.  So, that wasn't so hard.  They all have a pretty strong opinion on just about everything.  Gosh, I wonder how that happened.  Could it be that their mother is a tad bit opinionated.  I really can't help it.  I was trained by my Mother and she is the best at telling you what she thinks about just about anything. This piece of artwork is not on the postcard.  But, I like it so, I'm putting it in my portfolio. The postcard will have Girl Coloring on the Green Rug on it.  Everyone seemed to like it the best.
I'm on my way to get a hair cut.  Thank the blessed Madonna.  If I go one more day without a haircut I'm sure folks around town will think I'm some kind of wild beast.  A wild beast is fun sometimes but you really have to be in the mood for it.  Anyway, maybe after the haircut I'll feel more like working.  It's so cold in my studio that the dog even wants to go home.  Winter, what can you do?  Have a great day everyone!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Illustration

I'm hard at work on my portfolio.  This is a new bit of art I created to go along with the run away babies I posted some time ago.  I think I'm happy with it.  I also need to have some postcards made up. But, I'm not sure if this should be on a postcard or not.  I'm taking postcards with me to the conference in NY later this month.  I'm getting kind of excited.  In fact I just made my airline reservations.  So, I guess I have to go now.
Did anyone make a new years resolution?  I never know what to do with a new years resolution.  So, I don't do one.  I guess, if I had to try for anything this year, it would be to continue to be healthy.  I think I kicked cancers butt this last year.  So, it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing.  I feel good and my doctor smiles at me a lot.  So, things are looking up in my world.  And, I'm glad.  Hope you all have a happy, creative and prosperous New Year!