Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Away

I'm hard at work on my portfolio. Yes, I'm still at it.  It never ends for me.  I think I was even dreaming about it last night a little bit.  Well, if you want to call it a dream.  Might have been a nightmare.  I keep rearranging the artwork then I go back and look at it again and think, hmmm maybe not.  Oh, well at some point I'll leave it alone.  As I get older I seem to be more of a worrier.  What's with that?  My children are grown and doing well, I still like my husband at least part of the time. ( Just kidding.) Life is good.  Really, it is.  So, why do I worry about stuff all the time?  I hope I'm not going senile!  Wait, I'm not that old.  Well, I'm kind of old, but in a good way. I'm young at heart! Okay, enough rambling.  Here is a little bunny I think I'll add to the old portfolio.  It's very spring like.  I need a little spring, I'm already tired of winter.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. I like your cute bunny and his little pink nose! sweet....yes, i can feel spring here!

  2. What tired of winter, what are you saying! Did you say worry, I'm worried about summer coming right after spring. :-)

  3. Oh my, Melissa! We've got a long time to go for spring! OK...I'm a wet blanket! LOL! Time to hunker down, drink hot chocolate and paint spring instead, like you've done! Sweet images! Love it!
    Keep warm!