Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Look Inside the Book

Here is a peek inside my new book Detective Punybutmighty and the Case of the Drool Monster.  Some people have told me they love to see the sketch and then the original illustration.  So, here is one of my favorite drawings from this book.
So this is the sketch I turned in for approval.  All the funny squiggly lines to the right is where the story goes.  I always really love the sketching part, lots of spontaneity.
As you can see, the publisher liked the sketch and we stayed with this idea.  This illustration was done on 140 lb. watercolor paper, drawn with ink and then painted in watercolor.  You have to paint pretty vividly because in the printing process some color is lost.  So paint brightly if you want your illustrations to be colorful and fun!

If you would like a copy of this book you can order on www.amazon.com or from the publisher, www.redheartbooks.com    If you live in Albany Oregon you can run down to Gallery Calapooia on First Avenue and grab a copy.  If you already purchased a copy, thank you so much! 

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  1. So very proud and excited about your new book! This truly exciting and beautiful. Doing the happy dance for you my friend.