Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Getting Back to Business

Well, I will admit I have really had my head in the clouds over this new grandson.  It's almost all I can think about.  But... I do have to get back to my artwork.  At least a little bit.

Here are a couple new cut paper cards I made for the gallery.  They are on display now.

Fairly simple designs, but lovely none the less.  Only $6.00 each at Gallery Calapooia.  Each is an original piece of art.  What a bargain!

Today, I opened the local newspaper to find a wonderful story with photo of me!  All about the book signing tomorrow night for Detective Punybutmighty and the case of the Drool Monster, by Cheri Partain.  Very nice story in the Albany Democrat-Herald, if I do say so myself.  Here is the photo they ran.
I wish I had combed my hair.  But, that's they way it goes.  You can see all the illustrations from the book scattered out in front of me. 

Okay, now back to thinking about my grandson, Phillip.  He really is wonderful!

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