Thursday, September 23, 2010

It was a very Big Fish

Well, I decided to post something with a little boy in the artwork.  Don't want you to think all I do is paint flowers, little girls and dogs that look like my dog.
My son took off on a fishing trip today.  He does this a lot.  He works for a fishing club in Oregon and they fish a lot, teach people to fish, take folks on fishing trips well, you get the picture.  He has the perfect job for a nice young man who likes to fish.  I have a daughter too.  They are both lovely people and my husband and I are proud as peacocks about them both.  We have a new son-in-law as well and he is pretty nice too.  I guess we're pretty lucky.  I have to go count my blessings now.


  1. Cute fish.....and boy also, but I love that fish! Yes, a really nice job for a young man that likes to fish. Are we going to doing some match making there? Ahaha. I forgot to add you in my blog roll. Going to do that now. Have a good day Melissa.

  2. This piece is wonderful....I feel like I have seen your work before,,,I can't quite place when. I am from Oregon too, (3yr. in Alabama now) you know my friend, Jody Houghton? She is an illistrator writer, fabrics etc...she lives in the Salem area, and has been in the biz for eons.
    I do miss Oregon