Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Cover Idea

I did this a little while ago but thought I would go ahead and share it with you.  I was trying to design a book jacket cover for my portfolio.  The author shown on the cover is my cousin.  She writes wonderful stories and is not yet published, only because she has not sent any manuscripts off the publishers.  She will do it some day.  Then there is me.  I send artwork off all the time.  I'm almost blind from addressing promotional postcards that I'm sending off today.  Like I said I send stuff all the time and yet nothing happens.  Well, sometimes I get a note or a letter from an art director.  But, I have not illustrated a children's book yet.  Now, the strange thing is, I feel like I will someday. Gosh, somebody's got to notice me someday.  I sure hope so. Take care everyone!


  1. Melissa, wishing the butterflies will land on some editor's desk for you with a big YES! Your work is perfect for childrens' books!

  2. Melissa, Hi nice to meet you. I found you through Diane's blog. Your work is so sweet. I'm sure your persistence will pay off. There's a lot of competition around, as I'm sure you know.
    Best of luck!

  3. keep at it Melissa, hope you do some double page spreads of your cousin's book too, with plenty space for the text- show the art directors what you can do.