Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Like Shoes

I really do enjoy shoes.  Not as much as books but still, I like a good shoe.  I just wish the ones I wanted were not so darn expensive.  I'm not talking about those shoes with the 12 inch heels. Can't afford them and if I ever got into a pair of those 12 inch babies I would probably fall and hurt myself badly.  So, I won't go there.  But, I know, because I've seen them myself that their are wonderful comfy shoes out there that are calling to me.  Anyone else like shoes?  I guess that may be a silly question. Have a good one everyone.


  1. Oh yes! A girl can never have too many shoes. A pair in every color and every style for every occasion. More shoes please...
    Love your painting.

  2. I really like the shoe store! Yours is the first blog I have visited in a long, long time. Glad I did. Is this original for sale? :-0